“Photography is my passion. Framing objects within a lens is very much like placing flowers in a vase – it isolates them from their surroundings, transforming them into colour, form and texture. It is obsessive.”

Paula is a fine art photographer. She has recently returned home from the Middle East with her husband and two teenage children to concentrate solely on her art.
Her early career saw her as a military photographer in the New Zealand Airforce, before juggling a variety of smaller commercial roles involving advertising, wedding and portrait photography, with the demands of an expatriate family life which followed her husbands’ career around the globe.
Paula works mostly within a studio environment combined with a digital darkroom, enabling her to build her images using photographed layers of texture and light.
She is influenced strongly by the classic forms of art and design that she has seen on her travels, combined with a love of the ‘kiwi identity’.

‘I am addicted to the total absorption that comes with creating. It has always been this way for me. In my teens I was renown for becoming lost in the darkroom and frequently late for class. As life progressed it became more a case of a thousand coffee’s left to grow cold in their cups, dinners abandoned to their fate and family holiday’s hijacked by the insatiable demands of my creativity. I am fortunate to have a husband and two teenage children who tolerate my disappearances into my work with good humour, and whom I can occasionally bribe into collecting my perfect specimens.’